I found the recommendations wonderful. The first three pieces all had decision-making at their heart so i may be a bit biased.

I'm thinking up a tennis analogy for Firestone's point. It takes the same time for me to execute a tennis serve as it takes Federer. But Federer's is much better because he has practised that serve a million times. (let's forget talent here). Similarly someone having thought about a problem deeply is akin to practicing that serve again and again.

And your Noah Weiss quote reminds me of the term 'merchant sensibility' that I had learned from your newsletter. There are number crunchers in every business but the ones with intuition is in the habit of closely watching and understanding the customer. They have merchant sensibility. Maybe you can pull up the piece for readers.

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Loved 1, 3, 4

1 - So obvious yet so difficult. It's always tempting to do simple tasks and have a to-do list with multiple completed items!

6 - brought a smile :)

Thanks for sharing this post!

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