Pritesh this was such a detailed post! I loved the broad range of ideas you explore here, it's clear you interests are far and wide. The writing is great as well, keeping me engaged the whole way. I especially enjoyed the part with Gordon Ramsay:

"If you're gonna to do it then do it to your best. If you don't want to do it to your best then get the f**k out of here [and] don't waste my time and certainly don't waste yours."

Ain't that right.

I'm subscribing so I can get your weekly uploads!

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Thankyou Ned for the kind words & the subscribe. You have got it right that my interest are far and wide. "Stay Curious" is my way to keep me learning.

Gordon Ramsay's bit is great as it showed how a great mentor-mentee relation should be. Both sides expect high standards from each other.

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Both the Reforge artifacts are a goldmine. Thanks for sharing.

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